50 Things To Do Before I Die

In an effort to give our rusting brains a little exercise, me and 2 of my good friends (Devesh Nayak and Akshay Samel) decided to come up with 3 individual bucket lists. Here  is mine …

 50 Things To Do Before I Die

1. Get a huge tattoo across my back

2. Go solo sky diving ( I’ve already done one with a tandem master)

3. Get a Red and white bravery award for saving someones life

4. Swim in the free ocean with dolphins

5. Build a body i’ll be proud of

6. Date a celebrity/supermodel

7. Learn as many styles of Martial Arts as possible

8. Own a black stallion

9. Pet a tiger and/or an eagle

10.Say “I Love You” and mean it

11.Brew my own brand of beer

12.Backpack around the world

13.Learn whistling using my fingers

14.Learn to play tennis and win a tournament

15.Fly a fighter jet

16.Write a bestseller

17.Write/Direct the scariest horror movie

18.Buy a round of drinks for everyone in a bar (hopefully my own brand!)

19.Build a custom cruiser bike and ride it on an open road

20.Build a small plane and fly around in it

21.Do the scariest bungee jump ever

22.Get a deep sea scuba diving licence

23.Own a huge terrace flat with an outdoor BBQ,bar and jacuzzi

24.Stay in Osho Ashram for a while

25.Learn as many languages as possible

26.Get a helicopter pilot’s license too

27.Run a full marathon

28.Build a treehouse in the jungle with my friends

29.Form a rock band and rock a crowd

30.Donate my eyes

31.Learn aerobatics and win an aerobatic flying competition

32.Do the african safari

33.Gamble in Las Vegas and afford 2 lose that money

34.Own a chain of restauraunts and cafes

35.Act and die a heroic death in a movie

36.Make love in an elevator and a jacuzzi (lets be honest … its a guys to do list)

37.Become a masked vigilante by night and fight crime (wat?? its my childhood fantasy!)

38.Take dancing lessons and do salsa with a beautiful stranger

39.Cook an exotic lobster meal for my family on a white sandy beach

40.Become a freelance food critic

41.Give an interview for a magazine as a self made man

42.Invent a kick-ass food dish which will be loved across the globe

43.Learn rifle shooting

44.Meet my two idols personally – Dr.Vijay Mallya and Salman Khan

45.Save a crashing airplane and be all over the news for it   😀

46.Learn to play the drums, bass guitar and saxophone

47.Grow my own little garden of fruits and veggies and eat them

48.Have my own little “Plant More Trees” Campaign

49.Invent a crazy one-glass-and-you’re-sloshed cocktail and call it “the big nameet”

50.Learn all styles of swimming successfully


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