Criticism – The What And The How

 Round 2 – Me vs My rusty brain.

Me and Devesh Nayak were brainstorming for a common blog topic. After criticising and discarding almost all the topics, we realised that the best topic was lurking in our conversation all along – “Criticism”. So here it is – my take on criticism …

Criticism – The What And The How

      “If genius invented the airplane then criticism invented the parachute”.

      As the saying goes on to prove how criticism can be put to really good use, it is not without its dark side. It is one of those typical “make or break” qualities. It all depends on how one dishes it out, and more importantly, how one takes it. Even though criticism is commonly seen in negative light, it almost always has a grain of truth in it. It solely depends on how the critic frames it. Criticism is an act to be nurtured and mastered. Once that is achieved, it gives one the ability to turn an offensive comment to an encouraging suggestion.

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