Criticism – The What And The How

 Round 2 – Me vs My rusty brain.

Me and Devesh Nayak were brainstorming for a common blog topic. After criticising and discarding almost all the topics, we realised that the best topic was lurking in our conversation all along – “Criticism”. So here it is – my take on criticism …

Criticism – The What And The How

      “If genius invented the airplane then criticism invented the parachute”.

      As the saying goes on to prove how criticism can be put to really good use, it is not without its dark side. It is one of those typical “make or break” qualities. It all depends on how one dishes it out, and more importantly, how one takes it. Even though criticism is commonly seen in negative light, it almost always has a grain of truth in it. It solely depends on how the critic frames it. Criticism is an act to be nurtured and mastered. Once that is achieved, it gives one the ability to turn an offensive comment to an encouraging suggestion.

       Criticism, if taken in the right manner, can also help one work towards perfection. People who learn to take criticism positively are the people who stand out in a crowd. Their ability to take criticism positively keeps moulding them into better individuals. To fall under this category of people, the first thing that needs to be done is to break down the wall of complacency which has been surrounding you.

      One’s normal reaction to being criticised would be to get defensive. Its a completely natural human reaction. But the key to taking criticism positively is to control the first impulse. Emotions often prevent one from seeing the logic behind certain things. Anger, as an emotion, does the same for criticism. So the next time someone says that your branded shoes look fake, maybe its time to polish your choice a little! But this doesn’t mean you should listen to everything that people have to say. If you feel a suggestion isn’t going to help you, just ignore it. Because some of them are just not worth it.

      But there’s more to criticism than just encouraging or demeaning people. Today, we have people who take pride in their ability to criticise. They even get paid for it. You’re right, these are professional critics. With time, criticism has evolved into a profession, sprouting its roots into various fields. We have professional critics who write on topics ranging from films to food. These are people who can smash the success of a movie or ruin the reputation of a restaurant merely by using the power of their words.

     Criticism too, like most things, should be used in limits. Just because you’re good at it doesn’t mean you should criticise everything you lay your eyes on. As they say, “Too much of anything is good for nothing.”

So to sum it all up, here are a few lines …

Your Words are weapons, use them with care,
Use them nicely and friends you shall ensnare.
Framed rightly, they become a suggestion,
Badly framed, they shall spawn aggression.

Bad comments might fetch you enmity,
Good ones shall strengthen a personality.
With good intentions, they shall be your masterpieces,
Fueled by negativity, they shall turn to “disasterpieces”.

PS:- Hope I don’t have to deal with too much criticism on this post. 😀

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