A Man In Need

I’m sure every guy has the things on this list … but just in case.

Today’s blog post will be discussing men’s fashion for the ordinary man… not the GQ bourgeois with his stylish $3000 Tom Ford suit. Accordingly I will discuss the various ways men can accessorize their look and have fun doing it. Here are the top 10 necessities in a man’s wardrobe and tips on how to style them up:
1. White Shirt

A crisp white shirt is a classic staple and every man should own at least 2 in a fabric and cut that suits his body type. It is an invaluable piece of clothing that can be teamed with a pair of trousers (for a formal look) as well as jeans (for a casual look). You can even wear it inside a blazer or with suit and tie.


2. A Suit

Whether you’re the next Harvey Spector (Suits reference) or you just love crashing weddings, it is important a man…

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