Who Am I?


I am MumbaiFrom colonial history to pointless mass murder; from cultural secularism to religious feuds; from luck injected success stories to unknown tragedies that have escaped into dark forgetfulness. I have seen it all. I have always been there. I have seen majestic glass buildings of the rich shadowing and contrasting the ‘dirt and grit’ huts of the unfortunate. I have seen the brave and lucky soar from the oblivion of uncertainty to the comfort of luxury. I am inspiration. I’ve inspired the cult and the commercial, the creative and the practical. I am a celluloid star with enough tributes films to last for a lifetime and more. I am influence. They say, if you want to make a living, I’m the one you should meet. I am a secret keeper; charming and wise on the outside, revealing the ugly happenings of my underbelly to a strong few. I am safety. I protect my weak, but sometimes I fail. But then, even God himself cannot protect every soul he has under his watch. I have nerves of steel; they’re called the locals. When I say people get on my nerves, they literally do. My people use it to commute, like bacteria commuting in a human body. But what was once meant to be a logistic lifeline is now just a system overburdened with responsibility.  I have seen my people turning me from what I was to what I never wanted to be. I am dying, but I’m immortal. I am tired, but I have grown wise. I have stood the test of time. I live through my people. I am second to none. I … am … Mumbai.

The Butterfly Effect

Round 4: Me VS my rusty brain.

It’s been almost a year since I put up a post on this blog. I have always been a reluctant blogger. I hope this one will be a good comeback post for me. 😛 This write up is about an interesting and thought provoking concept.  As always, I’m open to comments and suggestions. Happy Reading!

Here’s a topic that has managed to intrigue me for a very long time. This concept, an effect rather, has long been explained in books and movies. It is widely known as “The Butterfly Effect” and it explains how seemingly unrelated things are actually related in the universe.  In essence, when a proverbial butterfly flaps its beautiful wings on one continent, a terrible hurricane may result on another. Let me explain. When a butterfly flaps its wings, it causes tiny changes in the atmosphere. This tiny change has a cascading effect on a series of events which lead to a much larger phenomenon such as a hurricane or a tornado. In the scientific world, The Butterfly Effect is explained as ‘Sensitive dependency on initial situations.’ A simpler way to describe it would be ‘Change one thing, change everything.’

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Criticism – The What And The How

 Round 2 – Me vs My rusty brain.

Me and Devesh Nayak were brainstorming for a common blog topic. After criticising and discarding almost all the topics, we realised that the best topic was lurking in our conversation all along – “Criticism”. So here it is – my take on criticism …

Criticism – The What And The How

      “If genius invented the airplane then criticism invented the parachute”.

      As the saying goes on to prove how criticism can be put to really good use, it is not without its dark side. It is one of those typical “make or break” qualities. It all depends on how one dishes it out, and more importantly, how one takes it. Even though criticism is commonly seen in negative light, it almost always has a grain of truth in it. It solely depends on how the critic frames it. Criticism is an act to be nurtured and mastered. Once that is achieved, it gives one the ability to turn an offensive comment to an encouraging suggestion.

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50 Things To Do Before I Die

In an effort to give our rusting brains a little exercise, me and 2 of my good friends (Devesh Nayak and Akshay Samel) decided to come up with 3 individual bucket lists. Here  is mine …

 50 Things To Do Before I Die

1. Get a huge tattoo across my back

2. Go solo sky diving ( I’ve already done one with a tandem master)

3. Get a Red and white bravery award for saving someones life

4. Swim in the free ocean with dolphins

5. Build a body i’ll be proud of

6. Date a celebrity/supermodel

7. Learn as many styles of Martial Arts as possible

8. Own a black stallion

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